Houston Spanish School

Welcome to the Houston Spanish School. We provide quality education in learning and teaching Spanish.

Houston Spanish School is committed to teaching Spanish to adults in Houston and its surrounding communities, such as River Oaks, Neartown, Bunker Hill Village, Hunters Creek Village and Clear Lake City. We offer Spanish classes via an online Spanish instruction model, allowing you to learn the Spanish language conveniently from home.

We also plan to eventually offer Spanish instruction in our own location, and plan provide classes in area churches, libraries, senior centers and other locations.

Are you a Houston-area Spanish teacher, tutor or translator that is full of ideas to share about how to best help adults in Houston learn to speak Spanish? Please give us your feedback using the form to the right.

Are you interested in taking Spanish classes in Houston? What are your reasons for becoming bilingual? What method would you like to use to learn the Spanish language? Please let us know using the form to the right.  

Spanish Test - Beginner Level

Try this free online Spanish test with instant scoring:

Questions in English, Answers in Spanish

1. Which one is the missing number in the sequence? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10
2. Which word describes your shoes?

Questions in Spanish, Answers in Spanish

3. Andrés le contó a sus amigos que la semana pasada hizo un picnic con sus amigos. Eso significa que: